Making a Positive Impact

As a strong believer of a sustainable planet for ourselves and future generations, We have made it one of our main priorities to donate a percentage of our income to non-profit renewable energy organisations. At Help Connect we are keen on giving back to you, the people, and what better way to do so by donating to charities that help us have a more efficient world, having positive impacts on us all in the present and the future. With fossil fuels causing climate change we are seeing the negative impacts of these methods for energy, some of these negative impacts on our environment include, rising sea levels, unpredictable weather conditions, heavily polluted air and so forth. We believe by making a donation each month we are helping everyone in our existence in taking the correct steps towards saving our beloved planet Earth. As Neil Armstrong once said “This is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” Lets make change!

Below we have listed the details of the non-profit organisation we are currently donating to. If you would like to have a further look into what this organisation is about, please feel free to browse their website and contact them if you have any further questions.


Donation amount: $100
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